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In the early 90's, two brothers were working for a nuclear service company and they realized it was costing millions of dollars to fix problems that could be prevented with a tiny bit of forethought. They decided to do something about it and in 1995 the brothers patented a device that would keep cable ties afloat and easily retrievable.

Their money-saving idea spread like wild-fire and the brothers continued to invent things to help the industry through their newly-formed company, Ty-Flot.

As the years progress, Ty-Flot Inc. keeps a strong focus on discovering complex problems and coming up with simple, money saving solutions to solve them.

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Oil & Gas:

Between 15 and 20 people die each year due to injury in the Oil and Gas extraction field of work. Ty-Flot is dedicated to providing innovative strategies to lower this number one innovation, training session or product at a time. FME is a critical factor in increasing safety across all other energy generation and high-rise industries.

It's easier than you think:

Make your tooling DROPS safe without replacing your entire warehouse. Ty-Flot solutions allow you to keep your current tooling and make temporary to permanent modifications to your tools. No need to replace tools with expensive upgrades.

A partner who knows your concerns:

With the challenges of wind and swaying of tools, equipment and work spaces, harsh chemical exposure and limited warehouse and storage space, Ty-Flot understands how to integrate our solutions with your major day-to-day concerns.

Ty-FlŌt is well equipped to serve the following Industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • All Power Generation
  • Fossil & Wind Generation
  • Refineries
  • Power Delivery
  • Nuclear Power
  • Chemical Plants
  • High Rise Construction
  • High Rise Maintenance
  • Bridge Building
  • Crane Services
  • Shipbuilding

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