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  • TP2131-SP-ORG
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  • TCH375-6

Tinted Tag and Card Protectors

Part No. Product Name Qty
View Item Details TP1104SP Tinted Tag Protector No Metal (Package of 100)
View Item Details TP2131SPORG Tinted Tag Protector Metal Eyelet (Package of 100)
View Item Details TCH3756 3-3/4" x 6" Tinted Card Holder
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  • Tinted Tag Protectors for Maintenance Tags
    • Protects Maintenance Tags
    • Heavy Duty Vinyl
    • Easy Insert Flap
    • Eyelet used for Hanging Tags
    • General Use
  • Tinted Card holders for HUP, STAR, RWP Trip Cards
    • Offest top for Easy Insertion
    • Perfect for RWP Entry Cards
    • Tinted but Still Easily Readable
    • Pre-Slotted for Badge Clip Strap
    • Keeps Frequently used Cards Close by
    • Use for Storing Money while in the RCA- No more Leaving Money and cards for Laundry
    • Badge Clip not Included




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