TCL Plastic Series


Tool Collar® Plastic Kits (U.S. Patent No. 8,567,290 & 8,567,291)

Part No. Product Name Fits Diameter Qty
View Item Details TCL0PL Tool Collar (TC0) & Loop TL1 Plastic (Package of 25) 0.035" to 0.11"
View Item Details TCL1PL Tool Collar (TC1) & Loop TL2 Plastic (Package of 25) 0.11" to 0.19"
View Item Details TCL2PL Tool Collar (TC2) & Loop TL3 Plastic (Package of 25) 0.19" to 0.25"
View Item Details TCL3PL Tool Collar (TC3) & Loop TL4 Plastic (Package of 25) 0.25" to 0.33"
View Item Details TCL4PL Tool Collar (TC4) & Loop TL5 Plastic (Package of 25) 0.33" to 0.45"
View Item Details TCL5PL Tool Collar (TC5) & Loop TL5 Plastic (Package of 25) 0.45" to 0.55"
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  • The only tool tethering system that doesn’t limit the full functionality of the tool

  • Mounts on the shaft allowing full use of the butt end

  • 360° mobility preventing tether entanglement

  • Fits a wide range of screw drivers and other tools (i.e. chisels, punches, pliers, pens, pencils, pry bars and more)

  • Flexible collar allows quick installation

  • Plastic design to prevent arcing

  • Tether Loops can also be used for vise grips

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