Point Beach Perfect Ten

Ty-Flot would like to publicly thank its recent team of FME monitors for doing an excellent job at Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant. Your efforts were not only noticed by Ty-Flot’s management, but were also highly regarded by the staff at Point Beach.

Many of the comments speak for themselves. Below are a few of the comments from Theresa Fessler, the FME coordinator at the plant:

“I believe I had the absolute best monitors ever sent to Point Beach”

“The monitors are extremely polite and very diligent”

“The only comments I've received from anyone regarding the FME monitors have been positive”

“I was just stopped in the hall again by one of our reactor engineers to talk about the monitors. He just wanted to tell me how great this outage has been with the monitors. I can tell you I have NEVER gotten compliments like this before. He said it was great working with them. They were knowledgeable, friendly, polite and did a fantastic job”

“This outage, I have only had positive feedback about the monitors and it has been repeated over and over”

In addition to the fine comments from the plant, we also want to recognize Keisha Queen for her outstanding attention to safety. Keisha was working FME at the spent fuel pool and noticed tools on top of a gang box next to the railings in the PAB 46 foot elevation. If a tool had been knocked off, it could have caused a serious injury. Keisha asked a Radiation Protection Technician walking by if she could put the tools on the floor to be safer.

Thank you to Keisha and all of the FME staff for exhibiting the values Ty-Flot aspires to represent in every aspect of its offerings.

As a direct result of the knowledge and dedication of our FME Team Ty-Flot received a perfect ten on its Field Service outage report card and Theresa Fessler went on to say, “There were Zero events attributed to our FME work area.”

This success could not have been accomplished without the efforts of Theresa Fessler and Brenda Bonk. A special thank you goes out to them for leading the way to a successful outage.

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