Ty-Flot Inc. of NH Awarded Patent for Versaclamp™ Device

Manchester, NH October 29, 2013 Safety Innovator, Ty-Flot, Inc. earns patent (US Patent Number US D699, 100 S) for the Ty-Flot Versaclamp™ an invention used in foreign material exclusion programs.

Many industries— such as such as oil, gas, construction, power generation, and aviation—need foreign material exclusion tools and training programs to prevent injury, equipment destruction, and the increase in budget spent cleaning up foreign material hazards. Common office materials like staples and paperclips are some of the most damaging forms of foreign material. A small piece of wire causes millions of dollars in damage due to arcing (short circuiting).

Organizations focused on foreign material exclusion use the Ty-Flot Versaclamp™ as a metal free style paper clip that secures s neck lanyards and to tether scotch brite pads, or sandpaper. The real benefit of the Versaclamp™ is related to keeping badges, neck lanyard paraphernalia, and monitoring equipment such as gas monitors and dosimeters from becoming foreign material.

Ty-Flot Inc. is a Manchester, NH based company that provides foreign material exclusion and dropped objects prevention products, training services, and staffing. Ty-Flot Inc. ‘s mission is to help organizations worldwide improve productivity and efficiency by creating ongoing improvements in safety measures. Organizations who qualify may be eligible to try free samples of Ty-Flōt’s safety inventions. For more information please visit www.ty-flot.com.

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