Ty-Flot, Inc. of NH Awarded Patent on Closed Loop Wrist Cuff for Tool Tethers

Safety Innovator, Ty-Flot, Inc. has been issued a patent (US Patent # 8,210,406) for the tool tether wrist cuff; a device that significantly improves work at height safety. The invention is a closed loop wrist cuff that securely attaches to the wrist of the user and has a point, either fixed or retractable, for attaching a tether. It provides a level of redundancy not previously available while increasing comfort and reducing human error.

The patent applies to a number of products that incorporate a special full loop closure system that allows the cuffs to be adjusted to any size wrist. The full loop closure also increases the likelihood that the device will remain attached to the user if the primary securing method fails. For example, if the Velcro pulls open, the wrist cuff will still remain around a user’s wrist.

The tool tether wrist cuff is now among a portfolio of safety patents owned by Ty-Flot, Inc. including the hard hat tether, vented barrier cover, cable management and tie-off apparatus, hat tether apparatus and method, and cable tie flotation device with cable tie.

Ty-Flot’s research has shown that dropped objects are a significant source of injury and cost in many industries including: oil and gas, construction, power generation, and aviation. Companies worldwide are implementing dropped object prevention programs to reduce injuries and with appropriate tool tie-off requirements these companies show significant reduction in costs associated with dropped tools. Users of these prevention programs often praise the patented wrist cuff’s comfortable, one size fits all versatility, and increased safety due to redundancy.

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