Ty-Flot Inc. of NH Awarded Patent for Retractable Tool Pouch

Manchester, NH April 1, 2013 Safety Innovator, Ty-Flot, Inc. earns patents (US Patent Number US 8,403,132 B2) for the Ty-Flōt Retractable Tool Pouch an invention that significantly reduces safety hazards caused by dropped tools at various heights.

Decades of Ty-Flot’s research reveal dropped objects are a significant source of injury and cost across many industries. The Ty-Flot Retractable Tool Pouch significantly improve operational efficiency and productivity by helping employees using the tool pouch reduce the rate of dropped objects and foreign materials, providing an extra level of protection not previously available to organizations looking to increase safety measures.

Ty-Flot commits to constant innovation in effort to solve real time customer problems. Each year Ty-Flot creates new safety tools and safety training programs, and has recently earned several patents including the hardhat lanyard, vented barrier cover, and cable tie flotation device with cable tie. Says Ty-Flot President and Co-Founder Reginald Moreau, “ We consistently check in with our clients and partners and in order to invent solutions to their real time problems.”

Ty-Flot Inc. is a Manchester, NH based company that provides foreign material exclusion and dropped objects prevention products, training services, and staffing. Ty-Flot Inc. ‘s mission is to help organizations worldwide improve productivity and efficiency by creating ongoing improvements in safety measures. Organizations who qualify may be eligible to try free samples of Ty-Flōt’s safety inventions. For more information please visit www.ty-flot.com.

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