Ty-Flot Inc. of NH Awarded Patent for Dual Action Snap Hook

Manchester, NH February 8, 2014 Safety Innovator, Ty-Flot, Inc. earns patent (US Patent Number D698,223 S ) for the Ty-Flot Dual Action Snap Hook that significantly reduces safety hazards caused by dropped tools from elevation.

According to decades of Ty-Flot’s research, dropped objects and foreign materials are a significant source of injury and cost across many industries including oil ,gas, construction, power generation, and aviation. Companies worldwide are now reducing costs and injuries associated with dropped tools and foreign materials by implementing dropped object prevention (DROPS) and foreign material exclusion programs (FME & FOD).

The reason people might use these rather than a traditional option is that the two actions reduce the likelihood that the tool will work its way out of the lanyard. We call this lanyard rollout and it can happen with traditional snap hook designs when the tool falls in exactly the right orientation.

Ty-Flot Inc. is a Manchester, NH based company that provides foreign material exclusion and dropped objects prevention products, training services, and staffing. Ty-Flot Inc. ‘s mission is to help organizations worldwide improve productivity and efficiency by creating ongoing improvements in safety measures. Organizations who qualify may be eligible to try free samples of Ty-Flōt’s safety inventions. For more information please visit www.ty-flot.com.

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