Ty-Flot Inc. of NH Awarded Patent for Clip Assembly

Manchester, NH June 8, 2013 Safety Innovator, Ty-Flot, Inc. earns patent (US Patent Number US D683,653 S ) for the Ty-Flot Clip Assembly—a plastic hardhat tether clip invention that reduces dropped objects at elevations. The plastic Ty-Flot Clip Assembly is especially beneficial in environments where metal objects are unwelcome hazards such as nuclear, gas, and oil manufacturing facilities.

The design of most hardhat lanyards works with a strap that wraps around the circumference of the hardhat with one end of the strap clamped to the hardhat user’s clothing like a pair of suspenders. Up until now the only way to support the weight of hardhat using a lanyard was to use constructed with a tiny metal axel—the metal axel acting as a potential foreign material hazard.

The Ty-Flot Clip Assembly invention allows the clamp to be free of metal components while still maintaining a superior gripping strength that compliant with rigorous testing requirements. Says Ty-Flōt Strategic Business Development Manager Matt Moreau, “We had originally patented and created another version of this clip, but we created this version in plastic to better serve the needs of our energy customers.”

Ty-Flot Inc. is a Manchester, NH based company that provides foreign material exclusion and dropped objects prevention products, training services, and staffing. Ty-Flot Inc. ‘s mission is to help organizations worldwide improve productivity and efficiency by creating ongoing improvements in safety measures. Organizations who qualify may be eligible to try free samples of Ty-Flōt’s safety inventions. For more information please visit www.ty-flot.com.

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