Lucky to be Alive...

While I was at BP in Whiting, Indiana, we had a scaffold builder using a rope and pulley system to raise scaffold bars about seventy feet up. He was standing directly under the bars as they went up. As fate would have it, one of the bars came down on its own. The scaffold bar fell straight down striking him on the head, his hard hat was sliced open as his scalp was cut. In fact, the man is lucky to be alive. The correction was to paint circles on the ground as an exclusion zone under the lift area.

Drop Height (if applicable) : 70 ft.

- Chuck Scaffold
Safety Specialist

Could've Been Worse...

Just 4 days into the trade as a 1st year scaffolding apprentice, still mastering my knots, I was lowering a kuny bag with a caution tape inside 20 ft. when my knots failed because I didn't tie the proper knots luckily for me it fell with the parameters of the drop zone with secured with caution tape and nobody was there. I reported the near miss and my foreman advise me to practice my knots and know it well.

Drop Height (if applicable) : 20 ft.

- Ty Failure
Scaffolding Apprentice