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Cell Phone and Dosimetry Leashes

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View Item Details CC5PHVRSOR 5" Retractable Tether with VersaClamp® and Rope Clip (Package of 25)
View Item Details CC35DBSNP 3.5" Dual Swivel Snap Hook Tether (Package of 25)
View Item Details CC5PHSNP 5.0" Coil Leash Tether, Swivel Snap Hook (Package of 25)
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  • Prevents phones from being lost, broken or becoming a falling hazard
  • Store your phone in your pocket or in the belt clip holder while attached to your belt loop
  • Retractable so your phone can be used while staying attached to your belt loop
  • Excellent coil memory
  • Easy to decontaminate tethers
  • Rope clip used as a slip knot through the manufacturers hole or slot on
  • TLD’s, ED, or ID Badges
  • Safety net for ED's that become dislodged




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