UPDATE: On July 2, 2018 the proposed ISEA Dropped Objects Prevention Standard was approved by ANSI and is now officially an ANSI standard. Stay tuned for more updates...

Proposed ISEA/ANSI 121 Standard

What is the Proposed ISEA/ANSI 121 Dropped Objects Prevention Standard.

Leading safety equipment manufacturers, like Ty-Flot, have joined together to standardize solutions for tethering tools at height to increase industrial safety. The standards objective is to provide minimum design, performance, and labeling requirements for solutions that reduce dropped object incidents. For more information on this standard go here.

How will this affect you and how should you prepare?

For businesses to remain competitive in very safety focused industries they must meet the standards and ensure their workforce is properly prepared. Companies may find a need to revamp existing safety procedures and may have to make upgrades to their existing tethering solutions.

What's next?

Get up to date information on how the standard is progressing.

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  •   - Keep up to date on future changes and best practices regarding the standard.

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