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Ty-Flot Inc. of NH Awarded Patent for Versaclamp™ Device
Feb 16 - Industrial safety company, Ty-Flot, Inc. awarded patent for Versaclamp™ proven to help organizations exclude unwanted foreign materials in their operating systems.

Ty-Flot Inc. of NH Awarded Patents for Retrofit Tool Collar System
Nov 03 - Industrial safety company, Ty-Flot, Inc. awarded patents on the retrofit tool tethering system proven to reduce the rate of dropped objects for organizations using the device.

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Foreign Material Exclusion

Whether you're implementing a Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) Program for the first time, looking to fortify your current FME program, or even looking for ways to execute your written FME procedure more effectively - Ty-Flot can help.

The best foreign material exclusion programs use many of the following components available from Ty-Flot:

Trusted FME Products

  • Ty-Flot is often praised as the standard in foreign material exclusion products and our offerings include a full spectrum of FME control. FME covers, tool lanyards, low-impact FME alternatives, non-metal versions of common tools, tinted plastics and more, make Ty-Flot a one-stop shop for foreign material exclusion products. More info.

Foreign Material Exclusion Awareness

  • We often see that when foreign material controls are lost it's because workers didn't catch something obvious. You will see huge improvements by promoting a simple awareness in your FME program. You're probably doing it already, but Ty-Flot can help with innovative ways to make your FME program more memorable and front-and-center in people's minds. More info.

FME Services

  • Get staff that has years of experience doing FME related work. Overhauling a Turbine? Rewinding a Generator? Whatever your FME needs for staffing and executing your job, we've got the most effective foreign material exclusion staff available. FME monitors, FME coordinators, expert trainers and more, give your FME program an instant boost. More info.

Foreign Material Exclusion Training

  • Whether it's something as simple as an FME training video, or as diverse as a full-fledged FME training program for your entire site, we make it easy for you. Please feel free to use any of our YouTube videos as a free resource to enhance your FME training program, or have us create and deliver a fully customized supplemental training program suitable for your needs. More info.

Electronic FME Logging

  • When material accountability logging is required in your FME program, it's best to avoid paper log sheets. They are prone to errors and an economic electronic alternative can really help to improve the integrity of your FME program. More info.

FME Benchmarking/Observation

  • Make sure your FME program meets the standards of your industry peers. Have a foreign material exclusion expert observe and evaluate your FME program. More info.

All of these methods are common ways sites around the world are improving their foreign material exclusion programs. If you have another request specific to your FME program, please contact us.

Do you have a Ty-Flot program?

Featured Product

Quick-Switch™ Tool Lanyard

Quick-Switch™ tool lanyards are a revolutionary system used to connect tools when working at heights. The system is designed to keep tools connected at all times (including during tool transfers) and reduce the risk of tools being dropped on persons or property below.